Information about Native Apples

How it works


For sellers

1. How can I make an account?

Signing up and making your first listing is easy. Simply connect your account to Facebook or use your email address, your name, create a username and password, then click Submit. After that, you simply have to verify your email address.

2. How do I list my service, product, or experience?
You do this by clicking on “Post a New Listing.” From there, you are guided through a series of categories and subcategories that help sort your offering into the appropriate page. Once you define where you would like your service, product, or request to be listed, you can then set the details. 

3. How do I get paid?

Through Paypal. You will need to upgrade to a Business account prior to setting up payments through Native Apples. Afterwards, you will need to grant Native Apples permission to charge a service fee through Paypal. This will deduct the service charge from your Paypal account. This fee is not including the transaction fee that Paypal deducts. 

4. How much commission does Native Apples make?

Native Apples deducts a 15% commission fee for every sale you make. Depending on the amount you make for your service, this can be as low as 0.50 cents (USD).

For example, if you make 100.00 USD in 2 hours, Native Apples will receive 15.00 USD of that 100.00 USD. You will then get 85.00 USD transferred to your Paypal account (just remember that Paypal may charge a 1.50 USD transaction fee). 

5. Are there any gig restrictions or forbidden services?

Yes! Native Apples does not condone using our services for false advertising, scams, the selling or buying of contraband, drugs, soliciting and prostitution. If we feel that you are offering a service that puts our members in danger or is illegal, it will be removed. We promise to moderate services and requests to keep our community safe and friendly for everyone. 

If you have a question about the permissibility of your service or request, please do not hesitate to send us your questions or concerns.

6. How many gigs can I make at once?

Make as many or as few as you want. The choice is yours! 

7. What are the Terms and Conditions of buying and selling on the Native Apples website?

Please follow this link to our Terms of Use page:

8. Am I protected as a seller? Is my personal information safe?

Yes, you are. For our privacy, please refer to:

Using the Sharetribe platform, Native Apples is encrypted with the same security certificates and encryption used by Sharetribe. Your Paypal information is secured through Paypal as well. Still, we must always caution you to be careful when contacted and asked to provide contact information. Never disclose personal information, such as phone numbers, address, Skype IDs, and website urls unless it is absolutely necessary for the transaction to be successful. For example, digital language lessons require video messaging software, but consider making a different ID for business to keep it separate from your personal ID.

Should you ever feel threatened or intimidated by a buyer, feel free to send us an email. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like for us to help with meditating a transaction with a client, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team. We promise to work towards a satisfactory resolution. Our main concern is your safety.

For buyers

1. How do I order a gig?

Ordering a gig is very simple. All you have to do is click the service or product that you wish to purchase, fill out some details for the seller, and then provide us with your payment information. If you have any questions for the seller prior to making your purchase, you can contact them (or us). 

2. How do I pay the seller?

You can make payments using a debit, credit card or Paypal. 

3. Can I request a refund?

Yes, you most certainly can. If at any time you feel the service was inadequate or dissatisfactory, please open up a dialogue with our Support team. We will work with you to resolve the dispute and get you a refund. 

4. Are these services safe?

Yes. You can trust that Native Apples is providing you services and products that have been ethically and legally sourced. All of the sellers have been contacted and verified, and all of them have taken the steps to make sure their business through Native Apples (and the Sharetribe platform) is verified. By requesting sellers set up a business account through Paypal, we are making sure they are accountable for any and all business transactions. 

Also, other measures and restrictions have been put into place to protect you, the buyer, from scams or dangerous activities. Further, all inactive services are removed within 6-9 months of posting. 

5. Can I make a request for a service on the website?

Yes, you can. Similar to posting a new service listing, go to “Add a New Listing.” From there, you can choose the category under “Requesting.” From there, provide us with the details and amount you wish to pay. Anyone capable of fulfilling this request will then be able to contact you or apply for the job directly.

6. Will I receive an invoice for my orders?

Yes. Because the Native Apples, and more importantly, the Sharetribe platform, are integrated into the Paypal business network, you are guaranteed a complete invoice. 

8. Can I request personal information from the seller?

No, you cannot. Not without permission and mediation from the Native Apples Support team. We are deeply concerned with protecting both buyers and sellers, and so we do not allow buyers to request contact information such as addresses and phone numbers. Should you have any questions or would like to request the chance to discuss an objective with the seller face-to-face, please contact us first. We will then make a judgement on whether or not direct contact is allowable.

9. What cannot be requested?

Aside from personal contact information (addresses, website IDs, and Skype IDs, for example), please do not ask for dangerous materials (drugs, medication), contraband items, perishable items to be shipped (especially internationally), live animals, sexual services (either by video messaging or in person), or anything that could be a deemed a danger to either the buyer or the seller. 

Please keep in mind that these are cultural services. Some may not agree with your personal views. Do not request anything that would be considered rude or intolerant of various cultural practices. We do not promote xenophobia, hatred or aggression here.

For both users

1. How can I get updates about the website?

Once you have signed up, go to your settings, which are accessible through the drop-down panel when hovering over your profile picture. There you will see a Notifications section. There, you can sign up for newsletters when new listings are made and other emails or notifications from administration. Native Apples also sends out occasional newsletters highlighting some sellers, buyers, success stories, interviews, thoughts from your Native Apples team members, and other useful information. Check out the first newsletter here:

Subscribe today and never miss the excitement of our growing community. 

2. Is there someplace where we can post ideas?

Yes, Native Apples fan page on Facebook is the best spot to share your ideas with us and your fellow native apples 

3. How do I close my account?

We are sorry to see you go! Under the account tab in your user section, there is a panel for deleting your account. 

4. How can I contact Native Apples officials?

Please use the “contact us” section at the top menu bar. Or feel free to follow this link:

Expect an answer back within 24 hours. 

5. Can I promote my services or Native Apples online via social media?

Of course, you can! Feel free to talk about your success stories, your offerings, and any experiences you have using the website. The more you promote your services or Native Apples as a whole, the greater the benefit.

We will always appreciate #nativeapples on Instagram, kind testimonials on the Facebook page 

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