Information about Native Apples


Welcome to Native Apples, a collection of cultural experiences brought together by global citizens, just like you, who seek to promote heritage awareness through products and services. The community you will find here comes from all across the world. Everyone has something unique about their history, their homeland, and themselves that they can share with you. It does not matter if you are seeking Flamenco lessons by a Spanish dancer, want to learn how to cook authentic Russian borsch, try Egyptian tea, drink rich Eritrean coffee, receive Henna tattoos for your wedding, or simply need someone to translate some travel documents for you. You can find it here at Native Apples.

Native Apples is a place where you can both buy and sell. Get creative! Tap into your heritage and share it with others. Think of Native Apples as the Airbnb or Fiverr of cultural immersion!

If you are ready to sink your teeth into the awesome flavors of different ethnicities wherever you find yourself in the world, then it is time to try Native Apples. Simply pick your experience, product, or service, and enjoy!

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